Hi Greg, can't thank you enough for the training. Really enjoyed all the sessions..I've learned so much; so has my mommy. I made some cool new friends too. OK...so I wasn't perfect when I got to my new home. After all I was just a puppy.  Yes, I started to go to obedience class and I have to admit I was guilty of selective hearing ..so mommy took the next step and put me in your two week live-in training course (boot camp, if you will).  I was a new "little man".  Now I'm a big boy and have turned into the best labradoodle around.  Thanks from Bocker Shelto


Dear Greg,
Just realized you now have a website, and just dropping a note to let know how much SHULA has meant to our family. I don't know if you remember us. She is from Sweet Pea and Savannah. Born March 27 th,1995. She is like our first born. We were nervous when our first child was due in January of 1997,we spoiled Shula so much I wasn't sure how much she was willing to share us with someone. But to our delight she adored our child like it was her own. Three times she has helped in medical emergencies.The first,I was at home alone and started choking on a bagel, I kept hitting my chest.  I tried doing it on a chair;nothing was dislodging it. All of the sudden Shula ran full tilt and head butted my chest and out it came. The second was when I was 5 months pregnant. I woke up one morning not feeling myself. Shula kept head butting and pawing at my side. She was following me around whining and just acting all out of sorts. So I thought something was wrong with her at first. About a hour later, I started having pain in my side. I thought to myself maybe she is trying to tell me something. I honestly thought it was gas or constipation and was thinking I will be embarrassed if i call the doctor for this but she was so persistent. Well I am she did because my appendix was rupturing. If I hadn't gotten to dr's when Idid, Austin definitely would have not survived. The third was my mom. Shula and she have been growing old together. I always joke with my mom and say she is so ornery that she is rubbing off on Shula. Well one day she was bothering my mom the same way she did when I had my appendix attack. So up to hospital we go..mom was having a major hart attack and if she didn't get there when she did they said she probably would not have made it. So thank you so much for bringing her into our lives. We will be back someday for another of your pups; hopefully not to soon though.
Amy Gaunay
William Wetsel
 Mddleburgh, NY

I love going to obedience at Pinebush Kennel. I look forward to it all week. Seeing the progress that my dog and the other dogs in class make every week is amazing. If your pet is bold, or just needs some fine tuning, Greg is the man to see. Every dog that walks through that door sees he is a true leader. Watch him take an unruly dog for a lap and see how quickly they try to please him, all the while with a wag in their tail. Greg coaches you through every exercise and gives you helpful advice. Anything that isnít covered in class, he leaves a few minutes at the end for you to ask a question or in my case, five.  I will never go anywhere else and I always tell people where my dog goes. Pinebush has yet another client for life.   Jill Pipino