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New litter born March 15, 2010!  Call for Info or to make a deposit.

One peek into our nursery, and it's love at first sight. That's because we offer AKC Rottweilers, a very special breed of puppy with temperament and character that's nearly impossible to resist. Well-bred all, our Rottweiler pups come from the finest domestic and international lineage.





Adult Rottweilers are noted for their outstanding beauty, strength, intelligence, courage and loyalty. When you select a Rottweiler, you make a friend for life. His ultimate expression of devotion is his willingness to give up his life to protect you and your family.





For more information about this remarkable breed, give us a call or …visit our nursery and get to know a Rottweiler personally.




Free With Purchase

We offer obedience training free of charge when you purchase a Rottweiler puppy from our nursery. This is our way of ensuring that every one of our prized pups gets off to a positive start with his new master and his new surroundings.


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